Sunday, 31 January 2016

Fabulous Fire Challenges in Y2

We were all very excited to launch our 'challenges' homework this year and what a great start we had in Y2 with the fire challenges we received last term. From marvellous models to perfect poetry and brilliant booklets we were amazed at the creativity we saw. These are a few of the challenges we received.

We cannot wait to see what the children of Y2 bring in for our new earth challenges.
Mrs Everingham

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Can you take the 500 word challenge?

It is that time of year again, when Radio Two opens their 500 word story writing competition and all budding writers are invited to put pen to paper. A flyer will be winging its way to you soon and further details can be found on the attached link.

To add further excitement to this year competition, I have applied to be one of their judges. Keep your fingers crossed that I am accepted!

Grab your pens/ pencils/ computers and put your amazing imaginations to good use. Let's see if we can get a winner from Wold this year - I know we have amazing writers!
Mrs Everingham

Friday, 15 January 2016

Superheroes Forever!

In Year 2 on Tuesday 12th January 2016, we had a superhero day. We learned about Superhero stuff and did some awesome superhero activities. We designed a superhero cape, we wrote a recipe to make a superhero and we sorted superheroes in maths. Our parents came in to look at out topic books. We had a brilliant day.

Year 2 bloggers, Alfie S, Ellie K and Daniel V

Moment in history - Tim Peake's space walk

Today the children have had great fun learning about Tim Peake, his historical space walk, space, astronauts and the International Space Station. Activities have included space travel timelines, rocket experiments, looking at Peter Thorpe's art work, designing space cadet badges and rockets and research Tim Peake's life. Children have also been watching live streaming of the space walk during the afternoon.

Year 3 designing space suits!