Saturday, 16 May 2015

Dozing at The Deep and Snoozing with Sharks

Last night lots of very excited Year 3 and 4 children descended on The Deep for a Friday night sleepover. After splitting in half, the first group was taken on a special guided tour of The Deep - a chance to see all the exhibits with nobody else around. Even the penguins stayed up especially to put on a show for us!! The other half had a very educational time learning all about slime, how it is used by marine creatures and even making their own. The groups then swapped around and took part in whichever activity they hadn't done.

After this it was supper time ... it's not every day you can have nibbles with Nemo! We then returned to the sea labs to create sea creature badges, sea creature postcards and our very own T-shirts complete with sea creature designs.

By this point, several of the children were starting to flag so we decided to set up our sleeping areas before snuggling into our sleeping bags. Of course, the children gained a second wind at this point and they enjoyed whispering and giggling with each other. Gradually, tiredness overcome all the children and they fell asleep surrounding by the ghostly figures of swimming fish.

In what seemed like the blink of an eye, the lights started to gradually come back on and it was morning time. The children were soon up, washed and dressed with all their belonging stashed away in their bags. After stowing our luggage near the entrance, we breakfasted on toast, Weetabix or Frosties.

All too soon, parents arrived and our wonderful trip to The Deep was over. As always, we'd like to thank parents for their support in ensuring the children had everything they needed and were dropped off and collected on time. All the staff/volunteers who gave up their Friday nights and a special thanks needs to go to Mrs Buyukyilmaz for arranging such a brilliant trip!

Mrs Everingham

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  1. The children looked sooo excited when they were waiting to go into the Deep and soooo exhausted when they came out!!! Looked like they had a great time,thanks to all involved.


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