Thursday, 26 March 2015

Prickly Hedgehogs and Awesome Owls

Year 2 have had an amazing 3 weeks.
During the first week we had a visit from the Hull Hedgehog hospital. They came and talked to us about what hedgehogs are like, what they eat and what dangers they face. The children were so quiet we were able to get a very good look at the hedgehog that had been brought in.

The second week, saw us all going on a night walk. Lots of our parents brought us back to school where we were greeted with hot chocolate and biscuits. After gobbling these down, we walked around the school field, including the nature area and then we moved down to the fields at the end of Wold Road. We heard and saw several birds including a moorhen near the school pond. Some of us were lucky enough to see a hedgehog and some bats but, sadly, there were no foxes out and about. We would like to thank all the parents who supported our night walk.

On this our final week, we were visited by owls from the Wolds Way Owl Trust. Again the children behaved perfectly and were able to have brilliant views of Sandy the barn owl and Edward the European Eagle Owl. The Wolds Way Owl trust are based at South Cave Falconry, Rudston Walk, South Cave. The centre is open on Thursdays to Sunday with flying displays at 1pm - it would be a brilliant place to visit during the Easter holiday! I have included the link to their website below.
Mrs Everingham

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