Friday, 16 January 2015

Year 2 Superhero Day

On Tuesday 13th January 2015, Year 2 became Superheroes for the day. Our current topic is 'Heroes and Superheroes' and we have started off by looking at superheroes.
The children chose to come either as a superhero from a comic or film or they made up their own. We split up into our maths groups and worked through a carousel of activities. During our maths, we sorted superheroes using our own criteria and collected and presented data on our favourite powers. In literacy, we wrote a recipe to create a superhero. We thought about what ingredients we needed and how we would mix the ingredients together. For DT we designed a cape for a superhero we invented. To finish off the day some of our parents and grandparents came to see the work we had been doing.
We had a fabulous day and we would like to thank all our parents for sorting out our costumes.

Further photos to follow in gallery.

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