Saturday, 31 January 2015

Calling all our fantastic writers

This is a brilliant chance for all our budding writers. Radio 2 has launched their 500 words competition for 2015. The children need to write a story that is no longer than 500 words. They then submit their story on the following website.

There are two different age categories and the winners of each receive Chris Evans' height in books. We know we have amazing writers at Wold, so start thinking of an amazing story idea and get writing!

Watch out for a flier with more details coming this week.

Mrs Everingham

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

"Actions Speaks Louder" environmental conference

On Tuesday 27th January 6 students from year 6 attended an environmental conference, organised by The Children's University. We went to the County Hall in Beverley.  The morning was spent learning more about the Amazonian Rainforest in Venezuela and the effects of deforestation on the area.  We also found out about how much this effects us and how everyday things that we take for granted are sourced from this area including food, medicines, even a special chemical used to make mobile phones!

We have found ways that we can implement to help save the rainforest, such as recycling, using both sides of paper before recycling it, buying locally sourced produce, turning lights and electrical  off fully when exiting a room.  Are there any changes you could make in your own home and classroom? 

In the afternoon we took put in a conference in the council chambers and represented the World Wildlife Fund for Nature.  

The students did an amazing job and made us proud to be from Wold Academy! 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Big Garden Birdwatch

Just a reminder that this weekend is the 'Big Garden Birdwatch'. KS1 and the Foundation children have all been set a family challenge - to take part in the world's biggest wildlife survey. Let's see if we can make this the biggest year ever with the whole of Wold Academy supporting the survey.
You can find any details you may need on the RSPB website or via this link

Happy bird watching, Mrs Everingham

Year 2 Oscar Afternoon

After a week creating our own film trailers for a Superhero film, we held an Oscar's afternoon. We all became film critics for the afternoon and critiqued all the trailers. We were all very pleased with our trailers but we have also found some ways forward for when we have this experience again. We all worked very hard during the course of the week and we enjoyed our Oscar's afternoon ... especially the popcorn!
Mrs Charlesworth and Mrs Lewis were so impressed with our trailers that they will be one of the first features on our new information screen which is located outside the main entrance. Keep watching it and let us know what you think of our work.

Year 2

Friday, 23 January 2015

Big Screens

Have you noticed our new screens as you come into school? We are using filming equipment in school - so look out for our Wold Academy TV Stars!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Food Glorious Food!

We had a super exciting time on Monday afternoon for the start of our new topic, 'Food Glorious Food.' We had a special visitor who came in to speak to us about where food comes from and how it gets to our plate. We learnt all about what happens to wheat, milk, potatoes and eggs. We even got to pretend to milk a cow- it was highly a-MOO-sing!

Monday, 19 January 2015

When the Giant visited F2!

When we came into our classroom today we found that the Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk is in our classroom! He had left muddy foot prints on the floor... and we found a gigantic beanstalk had grown from the magic beans over the weekend.
The Giant wrote a letter to us asking us to do a special challenge for him to measure his footprints. We found things that were bigger than his foot prints, we found things that were smaller than his footprints. We even used the cubes to measure how long his footprints were. We wrote down our ideas for the Giant to read.
We wonder what he might ask us to do tomorrow....!

Friday, 16 January 2015

Year 2 Superhero Day

On Tuesday 13th January 2015, Year 2 became Superheroes for the day. Our current topic is 'Heroes and Superheroes' and we have started off by looking at superheroes.
The children chose to come either as a superhero from a comic or film or they made up their own. We split up into our maths groups and worked through a carousel of activities. During our maths, we sorted superheroes using our own criteria and collected and presented data on our favourite powers. In literacy, we wrote a recipe to create a superhero. We thought about what ingredients we needed and how we would mix the ingredients together. For DT we designed a cape for a superhero we invented. To finish off the day some of our parents and grandparents came to see the work we had been doing.
We had a fabulous day and we would like to thank all our parents for sorting out our costumes.

Further photos to follow in gallery.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Batons galore!

We have had a great day welcoming our table tennis champions and looking at 2 Olympic Batons. The original from the first games and the other was a baton from the 2012 London games. They were really different. The old one was really heavy and the new one was very beautiful.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all our families. We hope 2015 is a peaceful and prosperous year for all.