Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Parent days in F1

Recently in F1 we invited Parents in for Maths sessions. We had lots of maths learning activities in our environment both indoors and outdoors.
We invited our parents to join the children during our number and calculating maths lessons.
The lessons taking place for number were:-
-Number Detectives
-Number chant
-Treasure Track
-10 in a bed
The lessons taking place for calculating were:-
-Hook a duck
-Squeeze and Squirt
-Show me
-Number and Count
The children had lots of fun with their Parents and we enjoyed sharing our learning with them. Many of our parents filled our our comment forms and said they had enjoyed the sessions and will be trying many of the activities at home.
To follow on from our open sessions we will be doing mini maths home/school challenges next half term.

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