Monday, 10 March 2014

Write Dance in Foundation 1

Write Dance in F1                    28th February 2014

We started learning a new dance in our Write Dance
lessons last week. The dance is called
‘My Dear sun, My Dear Moon’.

We listened to the story first then talked about the story. We talked about how the sun was shining during the day over the funfair and the moon coming out at the end of the day. The moon was round with a pretty face. 

                                                                     We learnt big movements to match the words in the song and then used scarves during our dance.
We enjoyed making the circular movements of the sun and moon with our scarves.

Our write dance lessons are to help us develop our gross motor skills these are the big movements we make with our bodies.

In a couple of weeks we will be Scrimbling. This is when we draw marks to match words in the song to develop our fine motor skills which are the small movements we make with our hands.

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