Thursday, 13 March 2014

Year 2 Special Visitors

 This week we have had some VERY special visitors! Carl from 'Bridlington Birds Of Prey' brought a barn owl, a tawny owl, a hawk and a falcon to visit us. We were especially excited to meet Barney the barn owl as we are reading 'The Owl Who Was Afraid Of the Dark' which is about Plop the barn owl. He told us some very interesting things about the birds including that owls can turn their heads up to 270 degrees, that they eat their prey whole and have very sharp talons.
After we had found out about these fascinating birds we all went outside and we got to watch the birds fly. We all lined up and Carl got the tawny owl to fly over our heads! We watched the hawk fly through the arms of some very brave children...and Mrs Richardson. We also saw the falcon flying all around, over the school buildings, over our heads and changing direction with precision.
We all had a wonderful afternoon and we learnt lots of things about the birds!

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