Monday, 3 February 2014

Lunchtime in Foundation 2

Our Dinner Ladies do a sterling job! They have recently started to wear hi-visibility jackets so the children can spot them more quickly when they are needed.  The children agreed that it makes spotting them very easy and it is better!
From this, a discussion stemmed from the children about lunchtimes, here are a few of the comments they made:
"I like playing hide and seek." Billy
"I chase the rope with Jamie." Alex
Kia likes to Hula Hoop, while Eva and friends like to solve mysteries! Grace, Rhys and Tilly enjoy chasing each other.  Travis' favourite game is pretending to chase dinosaurs.
What we found especially lovely is that the children also made comments about their relationships with the dinner ladies.
Natalie told us that they help her, Eva said, "When I have an accident they look after me."  Harvey told us that, "They put straws in your drinks when it's too hard to do."
Billy said that, "They make you feel better, they say 'Are you all right?' and give you a plaster."  
The Trim Trail was mentioned lots too.

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