Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Foundation Stage Wow Trees

In the foundation stage we have a wow tree in each classroom to celebrate children's achievements outside of school.  Parents are encouraged to write down news about their child's achievements and bring these in to celebrate in school.  In Foundation 1 this term 'wows' can be written down on the pear shapes.  In F2D and F2W wows can be written on winter snowflake shapes.  In F2A wows can be written on butterflies. 

Sharing wow moments helps us to build a picture of the whole child, not just their life in school.  We can build on their interests further and tailor learning to individual interests.  We also enjoy whole class celebrations of individual's achievements and encouraging each other. 

Any special achievement is nice to share on a wow and may include things like doing well at swimming lessons, being kind, learning to fasten their own coat, riding a bike without stabilizers etc.  Anything which is an achievement for your child.

The wows are then displayed on the wow trees. Come in and read the amazing things we have been doing!

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