Thursday, 30 January 2014

Porridge making and tasting in F2D

This morning in F2D we followed the instructions to make porridge.  We spoke about the words "ingredients" and "recipe" and what these mean.  Mrs Woodcock got the ingredients ready whilst we made different actions to demonstrate each different instruction.  Once we were ready we read out the instructions together and Charlotte helped Mrs Woodcock to add the different things in.  We remembered to keep ourselves safe by washing germs off our hands first and also asking Mrs Woodcock (who is a grown up) to take the porridge out of the microwave, as we knew it would be hot.  Jack also reminded Mrs Woodcock to wear oven gloves.

We had 3 different porridge toppings - jam, sugar and honey.  We made enough so we could all taste all 3 and then decided which one was our favourite.  We made a graph to show which one we preferred.  As George was the special person of the day he counted up the totals and wrote the numbers onto the graph.  Honey was the most popular topping in our class. 

Although some people said they didn't like porridge and didn't want to taste it once they had helped to make it they were keen to have a little taste.  Olivia even wanted to go back for seconds!   

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