Thursday, 30 January 2014

Porridge making and tasting in F2D

This morning in F2D we followed the instructions to make porridge.  We spoke about the words "ingredients" and "recipe" and what these mean.  Mrs Woodcock got the ingredients ready whilst we made different actions to demonstrate each different instruction.  Once we were ready we read out the instructions together and Charlotte helped Mrs Woodcock to add the different things in.  We remembered to keep ourselves safe by washing germs off our hands first and also asking Mrs Woodcock (who is a grown up) to take the porridge out of the microwave, as we knew it would be hot.  Jack also reminded Mrs Woodcock to wear oven gloves.

We had 3 different porridge toppings - jam, sugar and honey.  We made enough so we could all taste all 3 and then decided which one was our favourite.  We made a graph to show which one we preferred.  As George was the special person of the day he counted up the totals and wrote the numbers onto the graph.  Honey was the most popular topping in our class. 

Although some people said they didn't like porridge and didn't want to taste it once they had helped to make it they were keen to have a little taste.  Olivia even wanted to go back for seconds!   

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

2B's Letters

In ICT 2B have been writing letters to the new Headeacher about what we have been learning in our Topic lessons. They have also written their suggestions for ways that we can improve our school.

Here are a few examples of the brilliant letters that the children wrote.

Library for Foundation 2

We would like to start a library for the children in F2, so that they can choose their own books to borrow and read at home, as well as taking their reading books home.  If any parents are interested in helping set this up and help with the library each week please let one of the staff in F2 know.  Many thanks

Bear Expert Update

Due to popular demand here is a further instalment of news from the Bear Expert in F2.

The Bear Expert was put on the spot when she was asked lots of questions from the children!

Some of the answers surprised the children, Liam asked whether the Bear Expert slept with the bears, “No” was the answer, further bafflement occurred when Tommie asked the Bear Expert if she liked to play with the bears. “No” was the answer again!  We learned that they were a collection, and collections are a bit like ornaments, to look at, (though Yoshua bear enjoyed a cuddle every now and then).

The Bear Expert was very good at geography too!  She used a globe to show us exactly whereabouts on planet Earth the bears were from, Russia, Holland, Belgium, and America to name a few.

We were able to place the bears in size order, and counted them after they had all been introduced. The Bear Collector has almost 100 Bears, and we impressed her by counting up to 100 in lots of 10.

Yoshua was the biggest bear and was valuable because his value in money was lots, but old Bobby Bear was most valuable and precious as he had been a special friend since the Bear Expert herself was in Foundation 2, in fact that’s when she became a collector.

Do you or your child have any collections you could tell us about, or perhaps bring to show and share?

Miss Angel collects soap, Mrs Dervey collects cups, and Miss Williams collects buttons.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Bear Expert

Last week in Foundation 2 we had a visit from a bear expert, Mrs McWilliams.  She has a large collection of different bears and we learnt all about them.  We found out which countries they come from around the world and why each one is special and different.  Which one was your favourite bear?

Recycling in Year 2

 In Year 2 we have been thinking about how we can reduce the waste from our packed lunch boxes.

We investigated which things could be reused or recycled from our lunches.

We now know which items can be reused or recycled and we know which bin to put our rubbish in!


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Teddy bears in F2D

This week we have been learning all about bears in F2D.  We have learnt the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears and retold it in different ways, plus hot-seated Goldilocks and Baby Bear.  We have done some amazing writing about the story too.

Next week we are planning to make and taste porridge with different toppings and also learn about bears from information books and the internet.  I wonder who can share an interesting bear fact at school next week!  Mrs Dervey would love to display any bear facts you can write at home and bring into school.  

Many of us brought our special bears from home and we used them in numeracy to count, compare, sort and measure.  Can you spot your bear in this picture?  

Foundation Stage Stars of the Week (24th January 2014)

There has been some amazing learning in the Foundation Stage this week.

Natalie was chosen as star of the week for always being busy and using her helping hands.

Daniel has been using his talking voice very well and was chosen as star of the week.

Joseph was chosen as star of the week for doing well in phonics, reading a whole book and also reading well at home.

Jake was chosen as star of the week for making new friends and choosing his learning really well.

Well done all of you

Foundation Stage Maths Champions (24th January 2014)

This week's maths champions are Evie for counting up to 5 and Connie for measuring bears using cubes and measuring sticks.  Very well done!

Recycling in Year Two

Year Two are learning about 'Looking after our world' and are recycling like crazy. Don't forget to save your clean boxes and cartons so we can make new items!

Monday, 20 January 2014

Special visitor to foundation stage assembly

We had a special visit during assembly last week.  Goldilocks called in to see us.  She had been running away from the 3 bears and wondered if we had seen them.  This sparked lots of interest and we recalled the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. 

Christmas tree stumps

Do you have a tree stump left over from Christmas?  If so would you consider donating it to Foundation 2 for us to use as stepping stones, outdoor seating etc?  Many thanks

Friday, 17 January 2014

Foundation 2 Maths Champions (17th January 2014)

This weeks maths champions are Charley for writing number sentences, Travis for using numicon to represent numbers to 13 and Liam for learning doubles.  Great work!

Foundation Stage Stars of the week (17th January 2014)

This weeks stars of the week were:
Bradley for making progress in phonics, Zane for being very creative, Evie for being so independent in her learning, Matthew for working really hard this week, Eloise for being really happy and choosing her learning well, Alfie for choosing his learning very well.  Very well done all of you! 

What is a WAGOLL?

In the foundation stage we often point out WAGOLLs.  You may hear children saying this at home and wonder what they mean.  It means "What a good one looks like" and we use it to demonstrate appropriate behaviour, for example if a child has changed into PE kit, folded their school uniform up and put it safely in their bag that may be pointed out as a wagoll! 

Foundation 2 PE kits

Please check your child's PE kit and ensure that they have the correct items (dark shorts, white t-shirt and appropriate shoes).  In order for the children to partake safely in PE it is important that they have the correct kit.  Many thanks 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Goldilocks comes to F2D                                              15th January 2014

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears,
Oh what did her blue eyes see?
A chair that was huge,
A chair that was small,
And a chair that was tiny and that was all,
She counted them 1, 2, 3. 

This week we are learning all about bears and have been learning and writing about Goldiocks and the 3 bears.  We are so confident with the story that we put on a show and retold the story ourselves!
Foundation 2 Maths Champions

Friday 10th January 2014

From Mrs Dervey's class Kai and Finley were chosen as maths champions for exploring addition and writing number sentences.

From Miss Angell's class Maddie was maths champion for adding tens and units.

From Miss William's class Kizzie was maths champion for writing numerals so well. 

Well done all of you.  I wonder who will be maths champion next week!